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Our website services

Get your business online, because that's where your customers are

It’s no secret that a having a website has become one of the most important marketing tools for your business. Website design is in fact the key to any successful digital marketing plan. In a digital age, your business should have an impressive digital home where you can welcome visitors in, show them around proudly and hopefully make some new friends called customers.

With consumers becoming more reliant on their cell phones, laptops and devices, a well designed website not only gives your business a chance to be found via search engines, but when it works well, it builds credibility with your customers.


Helpful tip: Already have a website and not sure if it’s any good? Test if it’s good enough here.

Understand the lingo

Landing page

If you’re simply looking for a single page to hold some branding, basic information and your contact details, this is it. With no navigation and links to other pages, the landing page is a single, standalone page. A place holder for when you’re ready to build that impressive website. Landing pages also serve as a data capturing space when you’re running marketing campaigns or competitions.

Priced from R5,000+

Custom WordPress websites

The online space is already crowded, so stand out and make an impression! Our website designs are unique to each client and built from scratch. We build them in a user-friendly (that’s nice for you) software called WordPress, we make them attractive and we make sure they work.

Priced from R20,000+

ECommerce website

Welcome to online shopping. We create a custom online shop for your products so that you can sell them online seamlessly with checkout, payment and shipping integration.

Priced from R50,000+

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords are what link your website to people searching for your services. Getting your website to the top of Google’s search results page doesn’t just happen by chance. Good SEO involves matching your website up with customers searching for your services. We kickstart your website by setting up your pages with the best chance to be ranked with Google.

Website maintenance

Like constant reminders to update the apps and software on your phone, the same is crucial to your website health. Once your site is built, it needs to be maintained! New updates, security fixes and keeping the bad bugs out makes up monthly website maintenance. We offer a couple options when it comes to maintenance.

Website services

  • Wordpress websites

  • Ecommerce / online shopping websites

  • Custom website design

  • Responsive websites

  • Mobile-friendly optimization

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Website maintenance

  • Professional photography

  • Copywriting

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